Writing Excerpt: New Blood, Old Soul

“I don’t know why you always have to hold these meetings at night, Vincent,” Charles scoffed before he sat down before the large oaken desk. Charles Middleton was the editor-in-chief of Dark Sky Publishing, a publishing company that published Gothic horror.

Vincent Delacroix sat back in his ebony leather office chair and folded his hands on the desk. He stared at Charles, feeling angry at the man’s suggestion. To him, Charles was a weak man, unable to perform the smallest task that Vincent needed him to.

Vincent was the CEO and founder of Dark Sky Publishing. He built the company up from the ground, attending to it much like he would a lover. The company was Vincent’s baby, and he preferred to hire only the brightest individuals in the publishing field. It was one reason that his company was as successful as it was. He knew the economy and the needs of those authors he represented—and the editors.

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He had called Charles into a meeting to discuss writers they were pursuing. The man had complained that he had just set down with a nice bottle of Chianti with his wife to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. However, Vincent didn’t care for such petty milestones.

“The world doesn’t run on your schedule, Charles,” Vincent countered. “We all have our own clocks, and I am the head of this company, so you bend to mine.”

“Miriam and I—”

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“If you had the spine to sit in my chair,” Vincent interrupted him as he glared at the man, “you would get to schedule the meetings. Are you done?”

“Done?” Charles swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“Whining, you insolent, little shit!” Vincent was incensed, not because of Charles’ whining in particular, but because he had failed to sign an author Vincent had his heart set on bringing into the fold.

Charles had excuse after excuse when it came to this author, and Vincent felt that was what he was getting: excuses. He was becoming convinced that he would need to find a new editor-in-chief. It was only a matter of time before Charles let Vincent down for a final time. Vincent couldn’t allow his company to fail because of another’s incompetence.

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