Weekly Roundup: What Blog Post to Read This Weekend

This week’s: How to promote your self-published novel, creating a perfect plot, home office necessities, and more.

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1. Writer’s Desk: Rapture

Rapture is a type of heroin,  a oploid drug, that is laced with fentanyl. It is made from the poppy plants grown in Mexico and Colombia. It is a brown powder, but it is found in a black sticky substances as well. Find out more here.

2. How to Promote a Self-Published Book: 8 Pro Tips

As potential buyers are scrolling through lists of books, chances are the cover is what will catch their eye…or not. If they like what they see, they may stop to look closer and read the description. Find out which tips here.

3. Mouth-Watering Plot

If a reader can not relate to one or more of the characters, they have no reason to continue. Like the first element, you do not start by giving every physical detail down to the size of his or her shoes. You want the reader to bond with your character. Whether they be the hero or the victim is not the point, does your reader have feelings for them? Important to note, the reader does not have to like them. Find out more here.

4. 8 Home Office Necessities for Full-Time Writers.

Those lucky few to have a quiet home office may not realize the struggle with noise. Yard work, construction, and neighbors can throw off concentration creating fewer billed hours.

A nice pair of noise-canceling headphones will do the trick. Find out the necessities here.

5. A Rise in Book Trends for 2018.

If the book trends of 2017 are any sign, the novels from adaptations this year could see a sharp increase in sales. In fact, it could even grow. I wonder what the driving force is behind such trends. One would think the movie-goer would feel that they know the story. The opposite is proving to be true. Find out more here.

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