Weekly Roundup: What Blog Post to Read This Weekend

This week’s: essential twitter tags, my humble beginnings as an author, why it is rude to inquire about an author’s sales, and more.

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1. My Humble Beginnings as an AUthor

My modest beginnings as an author begun as a youthful girl with a pad and pencil. Sparkling stickers covered the black cover, expressing my love to Rainbow Bright and affection of My Little Ponies. Find out more here.

2. Understanding the Background of a Believer 

As I sit here and reflect on this past month, I realize that I am not as young as I used to be. My daughter had just turned eleven. She was born when I was twenty-six. I am a firm believer that you are as young as you feel. Still, there are times that I feel much older than I am. Find out more here.

3. 5 Essential Twitter Hashtags for Writers:

Hashtags have changed with social media. Since Twitter introduced them, hashtags introduced by Facebook and Instagram. They are mainstream. Several brands such as Wendy’s use them. Find out which hashtags here.

4. Why It’s Rude to ask an author about their sales.

How many books sales does it take to be a published author? I remember a few months ago someone asked me on deviantART how many novels I sold, and the question startled me. This was not a family member nor were they a friend. It took me aback because it was a complete stranger, someone I only knew a week. Instantly, I panicked. Am I selling enough novels? Does how many I sell prove my legitimacy as an author? Find out more here.

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