Weekly Roundup: What to Blog Post to Read This Weekend

This week: a day in the life of, an ancient world eater,  how to edit, and more.
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This week: a day in the life of, an ancient world eater,  how to edit, and more.

1. A Day in the Life of a Mother Turned Artist:

I manage to juggle the life of an avid activist, hospitable homemaker, and a withdrawn writer. In fact, as a member of the INFJ personality group, I believe this is a perfect combination. Find out how here.

2. Character Development—Tony Velasquez: 

Because Naked Desire features the same characters as Undercover Desire, there are not as much notes for these characters in that novelette’s manuscript. It was only building on the characters that were already fleshed out. How did I shape the personality of DEA Agent Velasquez? Find out how here.

3. Ouroboros-The Infinite Dragon:

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that dates back to Ancient Egypt. It is heavily featured in the upcoming novel: New Blood, Old Soul, as well as ties into the Arch Angel trilogy. Find out more here.

4. Editing:

One of the more common questions that I have come across is how do you edit? As a writer, this is one step in the process that you cannot afford to skip. Find out more here.

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Larue Lydia
Lydia lives in New York with her husband, a dark fantasy novelist, as well as their daughter. They are regular contributors to several charities, including the rescue of exotic cats from abuse.

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