So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads. – Dr. Suess.

One of the more common questions that I have come across is how do you edit? As a writer, this is one step in the process that you cannot afford to skip.

The editing process takes place in several steps, and it does involve re-reading the manuscript multiple times. Each time, there is a different focus. This article is a barebones guide on how to edit your piece of work. It does not include sending it to a professional proofreader, but I highly encourage that you do so.

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How to start writing a novel?

I must apologize for the lack of posts last week. I try to post on the blog at least four times a week, but I developed Tendonitis in my shoulder, so it has been difficult to write and work on this blog.

As my shoulder feels stronger–and, most importantly, hurts less–I decided to write something that is dear to me. When I first started to work on Undercover Desire, I felt lost. Where do I start? I had a beginning of the story–which is almost what always comes to me–a middle, and, of course, the ending, but I found that it was hard to find the words.

How to start to writing a novel?

As I had said above, many new authors have an idea for their story, but they do not know how to execute it. They may stumble like a toddler learning to build blocks for the first time, and because of this, their writing may come out as forced or hard to follow.

Taking the first steps is hard. I will not deny that. For some writers, the fundamental process of writing involves them shutting themselves away from the world as they lovingly compose their manuscripts. For others, it is a mad dash to the finish line.

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To do or not to do an Outline.

It’s hard to believe that the last time I wrote an article for writing advice, it was snowing. As I gaze outside my window, it’s hot. In fact, in New York, it’s 57 degrees. The average for this time of the year is 36. Would you believe that Friday my husband will be grilling out? In February? That’s ludicrous.

There is something about the warm temperatures that make me lazy. I have been working hard on the last chapters of Naked Desire, a novelette that will be out next month. However, the words are coming slower as all I want to do is sleep. The one thing that I learned as an author is that I need discipline.

Some people like to figure everything that happens in the whole book. There are some who just write, not knowing what is going to happen. I would think that it is a mix of both for most writers.

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