IT Igniting Nightmares. Maybe.

When you are alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker. — IT Extended Trailer (2017)

As August opens, I find there is only one movie that I am looking forward to. In my house, there are usually two types of movies that I watch: the Happy Go-Lucky children’s movies with my daughter and darker films by myself or with my husband.


When I was growing up, there was one story that affected my writing, but that was not the only influences that it had. The story changed a generation, instilling Coulrophobia upon masses. My sibling was affected by this. Of course, I’m talking about IT.

When the newest film adaptation of IT was announced, I was abuzz with excitement. IT was one of the novels that I fell in love with. Stephen King is one of the authors that inspired me. Shortly before I moved out from my mother’s house, I bought the mini series on VHS.

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