Scrivener: Product Spotlight

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. — Bill Gates

I’ll admit I am the writer who has notes lying around my desk. In fact, I have a notebook where I laid out my ideas. This notebook has all kinds of post-it-notes stuck to various pagesand writings in the margins. I am a disorganized writer.

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As a novelist, I well know of the importance of word-processing software. Before my foray into the world of self-publishing, I wanted to undergo the traditional route. I watched what other authors were doing. Most used a word-processing software.

After trying several software alternatives, there was only really one program that helped me out. It was the cure to my disorganization. Scrivener had functions I never thought I needed.

I make use of Scrivener’s outline function every time I write. If it is called for, I can easily split a new scene into an additional scene or, even, a new chapter. I have had Scrivener for years; there are still features I am still discovering.

Thanks to this software I keep my notes in one place without them clogging up various documents or notebooks and be able to reference them. My editing will go smoothly. I don’t know how I ever wrote without it.

Scrivener for Writers


To purchase Scrivener, please see Literature and Latte’s website.

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Lydia lives in New York with her husband, a dark fantasy novelist, as well as their daughter. They are regular contributors to several charities, including the rescue of exotic cats from abuse.

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