Top 4 Fictional Vampires

The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him. —  Garrett Fort

With October on the horizon, all things that go bump in the night come out to play. In the US, you can’t escape the ghouls associated with Halloween. Vampires are no exception. Below, you will find my five favorite fictional “living-dead.”

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Below, you will find my five favorite fictional “living-dead.” They are ones that I feel made an impact on my enjoyment of the gothic genre. The vampires that I choose follow the traditional vampiric mythos, so you will not find any sparkly creatures on this list.

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Ouroboros – The Infinite Dragon

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that dates back to Ancient Egypt. It is heavily featured in the upcoming novel: New Blood, Old Soul, as well as ties into the Arch Angel trilogy.

Francesco Putinati (Italian, 1775 – 1848 ), Ouroboros Encircling the Winged Helmet of Mercury and the Head of Athena [reverse], after 1823, bronze, Gift of Faya Causey in memory of Philip Conisbee

Ouroboros means Tail Devourer, and it is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world.

What does it depict?

It represents a serpent figure–either a snake or dragon–eating its tail. It symbolizes the infinite cycle of nature: creation and destruction.

In New Blood, Old Soul, one of the characters has this “dragon” tattooed on his upper bicep. There, it symbolizes being reborn: the cycle of life and death. After all, it is consuming its tail to sustain its life.

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