Undercover Desire – Chapter 1

Brief Summary

Drugs. Love. Second Chances.

Kelly Swinson wants to become Anchor, and she cannot resist the lure of the story or the promise of promotion when a series of suspicious overdoses are washing up on the shore of the Rio Grande caused by the new, designer drug, Rapture.



The thought burst forth in her mind before she had even shut off the alarm.

She swung one of her arms and, hoping to hit the snooze button, slapped the small, black alarm. As she rolled back over, she brought one of the smooth pillows over her head, covering her ear, and again closed her eyes.

Kelly Swinson was never much of a morning person, which made working nine to five that much more difficult for her. She’d lost count of the times that she was late for not hearing her alarm or standing beneath a lukewarm shower trying to wake up, yet she would be lost without coffee.

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Darkness – An American Horror

Aside from Tolkien, King, and whatnot, one of the first books I remember reading was a paranormal thriller based upon modern murders. I do not remember the name of it or the author. I’m sure if I googled it, I would be able to find out. Maybe. In that same vein, I penned Darkness, a story about obsession.

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