Character Development — Tony Velasquez

There is a lot of rain coming today. What better way to spend the day than writing a blog post and working on one of the novels that I currently am working on.

I thought that I would start a series on this blog that is devoted to my writing process, how I develop stories. The first part of this series will be dedicated to characters. The following is directly from my notes on Undercover Desire.

Because Naked Desire features the same characters as Undercover Desire, there are not as much notes for these characters in that novelette’s manuscript. It was only building on the characters that were already fleshed out.

Later on, the character development for New Blood, Old Soul and Pandemonix are more complicated. Each main character has a file devoted to them.

Anthony Velasquez

I have had a hard time finding a picture that would resemble Tony. The one that I do reference is off of something that I do not own and can not upload due to copyrights.

Tony is a character that I am fond of. I wouldn’t say that he is as sexy as the love interests in New Blood, Old Soul and Pandemonix. Those men are intense in their own ways. However, he is endearing in a different way. Anthony is the kind of person that would go to the store and buy his wife feminine products. I often compare their love to high-school sweethearts.

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How to start writing a novel?

I must apologize for the lack of posts last week. I try to post on the blog at least four times a week, but I developed Tendonitis in my shoulder, so it has been difficult to write and work on this blog.

As my shoulder feels stronger–and, most importantly, hurts less–I decided to write something that is dear to me. When I first started to work on Undercover Desire, I felt lost. Where do I start? I had a beginning of the story–which is almost what always comes to me–a middle, and, of course, the ending, but I found that it was hard to find the words.

How to start to writing a novel?

As I had said above, many new authors have an idea for their story, but they do not know how to execute it. They may stumble like a toddler learning to build blocks for the first time, and because of this, their writing may come out as forced or hard to follow.

Taking the first steps is hard. I will not deny that. For some writers, the fundamental process of writing involves them shutting themselves away from the world as they lovingly compose their manuscripts. For others, it is a mad dash to the finish line.

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My 5 Quick Influential Authors

Good morning. It is hard to believe that it is already Thursday. I am sitting here with my steamy cup of coffee as I reflect who influenced me to be the writer that I am today.

Growing up in the household that I did, my escape was through books. When I was ten and staying with my aunt for a summer, her next door neighbor gifted a cardboard box packed through of Romance novels, and although some of their stories stuck with me, I cannot say that they influenced me in the way that these five authors do.

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