5 Favorite Quotes about Love

At my official website and social media accounts, it’s “romance week.” This is the week that Valentine’s Day falls on. Although I celebrate my love for my husband daily, this is the time when I reflect upon our relationship.

Below, you will find five quotes about one of the reasons Valentine’s Day should exist: the romantic sensations you experience for your partner.

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Websleuths: Website Spotlight

“They get on sites where missing persons are listed and they try to match them up, They solve the cold cases, and get these nameless dead identified.” — Kathy Reichs

I grew up in a “law-enforcement” family. My uncle was a police chief in a small town of 1300. My grandfather, other uncles, and various cousins were dispatchers. This fostered a strong interest in criminals. I wanted to know why a crime happened, what made a deviant ignore morality.

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