Mouth-Watering Plot

Whether your mouth salivates over the mere thought of a thick juicy rib eye steak marinated in honey mustard barbeque sauce, or drools over a creamy rich strawberry sundae with chocolate sprinkles, you must admit, the food industry KNOWS how to get you addicted. What are they doing? You don’t see people mainlining twinkies or selling their car to get another brownie, but still, people keep buying that stuff whether they need it or not. If only we could get people that hooked on reading our books.

Pexels / Pixabay

When it comes to junk food (defined as something people do not need but want) the food industries focus on three main areas, these being Salt, Sugar, and Fat.

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8 Home Office Necessities for Full-Time Writers

One would think working from home is a breeze considering you dictate the space and set the hours. But, full-time writing is a chore when the home office is messy and disorganized. Let’s not forget the constant interruptions, either.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

3.9 million+ Americans are working from home. How many do you think feel satisfied with their setup? This article attempts to build the perfect home office.

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