How to Write Amazing Hair Descriptions

Trying to describe a character can be one of the biggest challenges of writing. Let’s say you have a character who is loud and brash. You may know that, but saying, “Jackson was a loud, brash man,” doesn’t make for an engaging story.

How to write amazing hair descriptions

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So how do you talk about who a character is without talking about who a character is? One of the best ways to do that is through hair descriptions. It may seem strange, but describing a character through their hair can be powerful.

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How to Promote a Self Published Book: 8 Pro Tips

So you finally finished your masterpiece!

Writing a book is a big deal. You poured a lot of hours, hard work, and maybe even some tears into writing your book.

Now, you want to share your masterpiece with the world. You learned all about self-publishing and have put your book out there.

…Only to find out that not everyone is as excited about your book as you are.

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But maybe it’s not that they’re not excited, but that they don’t know about your book. Check out these tips on how to promote a self-published book. Do your marketing right and you’ll start to see those sales soar.

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