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  • Worlds with Ruby

When you’re already dead, why should you be afraid?

When Ruby finds herself on the edge of a cliff in a land between life and death, with an ominous creaking coming from the nearby woods, she is left with no choice but to follow it to its source. Nothing is what it seems and Ruby soon finds herself being whisked away to worlds beyond her imagination. Worlds in need of saving. Along the way, she discovers that in saving these worlds, she is saving herself.


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

I decided to review a book called Worlds with Ruby. The description is what pulled me in. Growing up, I was always intrigued by the idea of Limbo, the place that a spirit dwells after dying and being judged for their afterlife.

Starting out, I want to say that this is a quick read. My desktop Kindle software sometimes hides the page numbers of the book I am reading as it seems to favor to keep track of how much I read by percents. However, Goodreads lists this novel at 67 pages. This length is an ideal width to curl up on a couch on a rainy day and read.

Do not allow the length to discourage you. Although this novelette is short, it is packed full of plot, character development, and descriptions.

Worlds with Ruby is well-written, and the vocabulary is sophisticated. I love when an author tries to make me think. Cabaniss manages to accomplish this.

I find the concept of the Dimensional Wheel fascinating. As someone who has studied different types of afterlives, this is one of the first times I came across something like this.

However, as much as I did enjoy the story, I found some parts repetitive, such as how the dead–undead–around Ruby did not talk.

I did like the character development of Ruby. I felt as if she was unsure of the weight of that world was hoisted onto her shoulders. As I read more, I perceived that she wanted what most everyone–alive or if they were undead–would want: being able to rest in peace. But, like real life, there are times that you have to pull up your britches and stare into oblivion, meeting your destiny head-on.

I would recommend Worlds with Ruby to anyone who likes a well-written, unique fantasy story, or someone who wants to be lost in a world for an afternoon as it is a quick read.

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