Water Lily

Book Cover: Water Lily

A fantasy adventure filled with magic, true love, and fate…

Seventeen-year-old Lily Harris is pretty sure she's going crazy. Weird things are happening.Scary things. A demented owl taunts her daylight hours, and her nights are filled with frightening dreams. On top of that, the two people Lily can count on in this world are gone.

Her best friend is dead, and now Lily's grandmother, Meme is missing.

Lily retreats to her grandmother's home, hoping to find clues to her disappearance. Lily discovers more than she bargained for. Meme has been keeping secrets, lots of secrets–the biggest one being the painted mural on her bedroom wall. It's of a beautiful lake, nestled deep in a night forest. When Lily touches the painting, she is transported into another world. She's in Westmoorland. And she's not alone. The man that haunts Lily's dreams is there, warm and real . . . and familiar.

Lily's journey through Westmoorland brings her closer to finding Meme, but also to lasting friendships, to true love, and to powers within herself she never knew existed.

The truth of Meme's past and the secrets she's been hiding could destroy everything in Lily's future, including the greatest love she has ever known…

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Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

Water Lily is told in the First Person Narrative, allowing the reader to become attached to the main character.

As this is aimed at young adults, I found the language and style easy to follow, as well as the plot, and I think that it would be perfect for that audience. This was well-written. The dialog flowed well, also.

I found the main character, Lily, was relatable and her actions believable in the wake of her friend’s death. I have personally found that when someone we considered a friend passes on, a sense of uncomfortableness is left in their wake. Lily was likable in that aspect. The descriptions and dialog made me want to root for her.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes young adult romance novels.

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