Vivan’s Love Story

Book Cover: Vivan’s Love Story

Following your heart is not always advisable, it could also lead to a disaster !
Life of Dr. Vivan Dhanraj was based on such assumptions. But still he fell in for Sayra on the day her father died.
He knew that she was from another religion. He also came to know things about her that made conditions more complicated.
But as it said, love knows no boundaries.
But is it true ?????


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

Vivan’s Love Story is told in First Person Narration, through Vivan’s eyes. It is set in India. Arora paints the culture through the use of dialog. Myself, I have never been outside of the US, so I cannot comment on the accuracies of the region. I did find it fascinating, however.

I felt that the inclusion of the poems gave this story a nice touch. They also gave additional insight into Vivan’s feelings.

My first impression of Vivan was that he seemed to want a serious relationship with a girl. He also seemed to be the voice of reason with his friends. I found his character immediately likable, and I am sure that there are men out there that would find him relatable.

The interactions between Sayra and Vivan was sweet. She seemed unable to believe that she was his muse even when he admitted it. When she mentioned that hurt Vivan reacted as one thinks they would in that situation.

Arora is great at telling how a person would react in a difficult circumstance. After a tragic event, I found Sayra’s reaction appropriate. Given the situation.

There are times that I feel that a better word could have been chosen than what was. This is a very small nitpick, and it didn’t take away my joy reading the novel.

I would recommend Vivan’s love story for anyone who enjoys a read about what it takes to overcome the odds in love.

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