Timeless Souls

Book Cover: Timeless Souls
Part of the The Blood Oath Chronicles series:
  • Timeless Souls

"Interview with a Vampire meets Shades of Grey"

For Vincent Delacroix, business is a cut-throat enterprise—and his publishing company is the city’s most successful. He has a few people he considers family, but he keeps most at a distance.

For Bianca Rossi, family is a luxury. Something you never take for granted. As an orphan, she’s grown up in foster care and learned that most look out for themselves.

After her husband cheated with an old flame, Bianca learns that taking risks is paramount to her happiness. Risks like being accepted into the Delacroix family.

But to be accepted by her new family, Bianca needs to turn back on her old life and embrace the dark secret that the Delacroix family is hiding.