The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers

Book Cover: The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers

Ten-year-old Brandon Chambers is suddenly thrust into a national scandal when his father, a top-ranking captain in the U.S. Army, is implicated in a tragic explosion on the army base while spearheading a top-secret weapons project. During the aftermath, both his parents are labeled as traitors, and he’s haunted by visions he can’t understand.

Brandon struggles through adolescence and college, still troubled by hallucinations that are also witnessed by others, leading him to believe that someone—or something—is deliberately laying clues in his path. Doggedly pursuing one clue at a time, Brandon seeks the answers.

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Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers kept my attention from start to finish. I always wanted to know what happened next, eagerly flipping the pages on my Kindle.

I wanted to read The Strange Life of Brandon Chambers because of the book cover. I feel the cover is dark, but it is also interesting. I love when Rorschach is used as I find the tests fascinating.

I did find the novel to be well-written and easy to follow.

I was conflicted in reviewing this. While the writing is compelling, I did feel that the book may have been too long. I enjoyed reading about Brandon as a child and his adolescent, and I feel that maybe this should have been a separate novel, itself.

Although the novel is about Brandon, Derek stood out to me. There were a few times that I found him to be disturbing, just an unlikable guy. I thought his actions were accurate to his character type.

Another character that I liked is Suki. I am a member of her religion–although I practice solitary, and am not a member of that particular branch.

I would recommend The Secret Life of Brandon Chambers to anyone who likes a mysterious, paranormal read.

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