Stolen Dreams

Book Cover: Stolen Dreams
Part of the Fortis Security Novel series:
  • Stolen Dreams

Nate Jones is unlucky in love. He’s watched his parents love story play out his entire life and wants that for himself. His whole world was rocked when he walks into a hospital room and falls head over heels in love with Skye and Noah.

Skye Mitchell is a single mother to an exceptional young boy. Noah has a unique and terrifying gift, which in the hands of the wrong people, could risk his life. A life that is already under the shadow of a terrible disease. All she has ever wanted was her child healthy and to feel cherished by the man she loves. Skye and Nate are ready to take a chance on a once in a lifetime love but The Divine Watchers have other plans.

With bullets flying and people dying, the race is on to find Noah before any harm can come to him. Will Nate and his team find Noah in time, or will his love for Skye get in the way? Can Nate and Skye use their intense attraction to get them through the most horrific time of their lives?


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

Stolen Dreams is set in the town of Hereford in the United Kingdom. According to Wade’s Note from the Author, Hereford is home to 60,000 people. It borders a town in Wales.

Stolen Dreams also features a Glossary in the front of the book. This helped me keep things straight as I progressed further into the novel. If I am honest, I always love a glossary either at the beginning or end of a novel that uses terminology that a reader will not be familiar with.

I found Stolen Dreams well-written, not too complex, and easy to follow along. I would recommend this to anyone who has just finished high school as the language did not seem too complex, either. Sometimes, this can be a good thing, and that is a boon with Stolen Dreams. As this does have some sexual scenes in it, I can’t recommend it to anyone younger than that.

In the prologue, I instantly liked Nate. He reminded me of my husband, and I am sure that he will remind others of their significant other as the novel progresses. I also felt bad for Nate when he stumbled into what he did.

I think that Skye reacted as best as anyone could in her situation. I myself couldn’t relate to being a single parent. However, there are plenty of single mothers who yearn for love, and I can see how they might relate to Skye in that sense.

I would recommend Stolen Dreams for anyone who would like a nice thrilling read on a rainy day.

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