Something Short

Book Cover: Something Short

Something Short is a collection of short stories from French and Scottish shores by two female writers; Elspeth Morrison and Angela Lockwood. We meet a variety of interesting and amusing Scottish characters in Begonia, The Wee Baldy Man, The Pop Star and a mad scientist in Animals, but also some personal experiences in dealing with arthritis and depression in Begonia and The Goldfish Bowl. The stories are short but impactful and we hope they leave a lasting impression on you.

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Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

I initially started to read Something Short because I did not have time to read a full-length novel. This collection is brilliantly titled. These stories are somewhat short, but that does not mean that they are not cleverly written.

Starting out, I found the Scottish and Irish words in the dialog to be a bit much. There were a couple of places where it sped down my reading as I was trying to make out what the speaker meant, but to my delight, as I continued to read, I found that that type of dialog style was used less.

My favorite story was Winners and Losers. In a way, without revealing the twists, it made me think of some of Stephen King’s writing in Nightmares & Dreamscapes, as well as a novel from H.G. Wells.

Another story that I liked was Change. I was going on with the main character in this, sympathizing with her and then smiling at the ending. I believe that we all know a person like that in our lives.

Overall, I enjoyed Something Short. It is at times cleverly or funny written, a sophisticated collection. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys short stories or a quick read.

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