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Part of the The Redemption of Wist series:
  • Nikka

Nikka the Cerni Dwarf, assassin and sell-sword (from the Redemption of Wist series) is imprisoned for decades far below his home by the ruthless Volni. When his only companion dies, he can take no more and much reach the surface or die in the attempt. But how can he when surrounded by his captors and lost miles below ground? Will he ever see the sunrise again or will he be trapped forever?


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

I first decided to review Nikka because I hold a fondness for the fantasy genre. Coming in at 50 pages on my Kindle, it is a quick read, one that one would sit down on a rainy day to get lost in a well-crafted world.

While I think that the entire novella is well-written, I do believe that the start of the story was paced much too slow for the length of the novella. Nikka is told in the third person point of view, one of my favorite point of views.

I think one of my favorite characters was Lidla. I find that elderly characters are hard for authors to write about while making them act realistically–not stereotypically. Gilchrist manages to make an elderly character realistically. I also loved the role that he played for Nikka in the end.

I would recommend Nikka to anyone who likes a good fantasy.

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