Naked Desire

Can his love protect her

Book Cover: Naked Desire
Part of the The Desire Series series:

Action. Suspense. Intrigue.

When Kelly Swinson learns that Manuel Alvarez escaped federal prison, she relives the trauma from her past once more, and her common sense says to listen to logic, but her ambition keeps her fighting her husband and his concern for safety at every turn.

As Manuel gets closer to finding them, she feels herself opening up to the idea of placing her family first and grows concerned with what will happen if the ex-drug lord would find them. Her ambition to remain in the public eye is falling, and she begins to envision a life outside of Channel 5 News with her family. But Crazy Manny stands in the way.


“I’m glad you two came in,” David said, softly as if he was talking to a veteran who was experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, but at the moment, she ignored the thought that Tony might have spoken to the other man about her problems since her abduction.

I’m not glad, she thought. Tony had told her about Manny and his escape, and the words of some law official—especially the DEA—didn’t mean much to her anymore. They had assured her that Manuel Alvarez would never see the light of day, and here they were presently.

“I thought that it was best,” Tony replied. “We’re leaving after we’re finished here.”


I don’t see why we need to hide. Tony had told her all about his plan to go camping in the spring and summer, to hide, without telling anyone where they went. That would cost her her job, and he knew that, and in a way, she thought that maybe he was secretly glad. His resentment for her passion for the truth was a constant thorn in their relationship.

She didn’t see why, however. Her job was how they were reunited. It was a good thing, and Tony wanted her to give it up on a chance?
“I don’t like it,” Kelly blurted curtly. She folded her arms over her chest, the navy-colored chiffon of her breezy spring frock crumbling beneath her hands.

“Why should we have to go anywhere?”

Tony placed his hand on her shoulder, the heat of his hand warming her flesh, but she shied away from his touch.

“Why can’t you just have someone protect us?” she protested. “Like you are supposed to do? I’ll lose my job.”

“Is that more important than your life, Kelly?” Tony pleaded. His gaze darted to her face, studying the planes as he had many times before.

Reviews:JB on Amazon wrote:

This was a well written novella that had plenty of danger and passion.

Shez on Amazon wrote:

I thought it was well written and a really good story which was easy and lightweight to follow. The author has an ability to allow you to sink into the story and actually relate to the characters who have a real depth and are well presented.

Dizzydog on Amazon wrote:

Naked Desire is an incredibly fast read which is loaded with well-developed characters, action and edge-of-the-seat suspense. The style is somewhat reminiscent of the late Cornell Woolrich who could pack his short stories and Novellas with more than some authors achieve in a full length novel.

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