Macabre Stories Vol.1

Book Cover: Macabre Stories Vol.1
Part of the Macabre Horror Stories series:

If you are a fan of scary stories and tv shows like The Twilight Zone, you will enjoy Macabre Stories Vol.1. 6 horrifying stories that will shock readers till the very end.


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

Macabre Stories Vol 1 is a collection of short stories that are tied together by a twist. Each held a spooky vibe, and I found myself unable to put this collection down once I started to read it. Some of the stories reminded me of elements of Stephen King’s stories; others, the Twilight Zone and X-files.

The first thing that made me decide to start reading Macabre Stories Vol 1 was the cover. I like how minimalist the design is. The skull intrigued me.

I found the stories to be well-written, and the language and style made the stories easy to follow, but as I delved further into the collection, there were mistakes. I would have liked more variety and complexity in the language. The dialog also flowed well, yet there were times that it and parts felt repetitive.

My favorite story was The Robbers. Although I had guessed the ending in the middle of reading it, I enjoyed reading their actions, and the reveal at the end and the character’s reaction to it. My second favorite would be Who Killed Jacob.

I liked that each story was held together by the twist. It felt that having the stories tied together gave meaning to them.

Each character is penned with such precision that I enjoyed all of their traits. I wanted to know more. Some of them I felt sad at the end of their story; others, I felt that they got what they deserved.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a quick read and enjoys surreal and horror tales. In fact, I think that this collection would be a great read if you are home alone on a stormy night.

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