Lions of Big Cat Rescue

Meet Lions Joseph, Cameron, & Nikita

Book Cover: Lions of Big Cat Rescue

Learn about lions and meet the lions who call Big Cat Rescue home. Enjoy over seventy (70) lion photos.

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Starting off, Lions of Big Cat Rescue: Meet Joseph, Cameron, & Nikita gives facts about Lions. For example, the lions that are discussed are African and Asian. The reader will learn that lions are the only felines with tufted tails in both sexes and manes in males. This is how you can tell the difference between the genders from a distance.

At the time of this review, Big Cat Rescue is home to several exotic cats. These cats all come from different backgrounds; some pets, others from the circus and fur farms. The three lions presented in this book are Joseph, Cameron, and the large lioness Nikita. 

Cameron was born in 2000, and he was rescued from a roadside zoo with the white tigress Zabu. These two are commonly called BCR's odd couple. The roadside zoo wanted to create ligers (a hybrid animal that never stops growing) from both animals. People would buy these hybrids because some states laws did not recongize a 500 pound hybrid. So, these owners could say the laws did not apply to them. After a visectomy and later a neuter where he lost his gorgeous mane--and fixing Zabu--this odd-couple call a 3-acre cat-a-tat. This enclosure was designed for the two large carnivores.

The next lion that Lions of Big Cat Rescue talks about is a male lion named Joseph. When Joseph was rescued on 10/21/07, he had a strange pride (a lioness named Sarabi and two tigers). To make the lioness and tigers pliable, their former owner had their teeth removed--except Joseph--and declawed them. Losing their teeth caused the lioness and tigers stick their tongues out, and to be included, Joseph did this as well. The International Fund for Animal Welfare agreed to help rescue the cats. As of this review, Joseph is the only one left of his pride.

Finally, we come to the only Lioness that Big Cat Rescue has: a 500 pound girl named Nikita. Nikita was formerlly owned by a Drug Dealer, and she was rescued on 11/30/01. She was severely underweight, and their were growths on her knees from laying on a hard surface. Note: Big Cats should not be on concrete because as seen in Nikita and many others, it negatively affects their bodies. She has since made a full recovery. Nikita is playful. Many times, you can see her roll on her back.

I enjoyed reading Lions of Big Cat Rescue: Meet Joseph, Cameron, & Nikita. I think any follower of the rescue will enjoy this. Also, there are many quality pictures featuring the lions. I would recommend this to any exotic cat lover.

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