How To Stay Fit

A Fitness At Home Guide: Effective Strategies To Exercise, Eat Healthy And Lose Weight

Book Cover: How To Stay Fit

A "Fitness At Home" guide to stay fit and live healthy - No gym? No weights? No machines? No problem!!!

The purpose of this book is to provide a fitness workout program for those who want structured workout plans to exercise at home and eat healthy to lose weight. Fitness at home is an excellent option for those who don’t have access to gym or don’t have a lot of time to go to gym to exercise.

Regular exercise and healthy diet prevent major medical problems and offer significant health benefits. Exercising alone is not enough to stay fit. You need to follow a healthy diet along with exercising. Many people think that if they only exercise or if they only eat healthy, they can achieve their fitness goals. While each of this offers great benefits individually, you need to have both to achieve your overall fitness goals.

Strength training is an essential part of an effective fitness training program. Building strength not only improves the muscle strength and performance but also overall health. It helps to burn body fat effectively and keeps your body fit.

The training programs listed in this book cover warm up exercises, cardio exercises, upper body & lower body exercises, core strength building exercises and stretching exercises. This book helps you to build muscle strength, muscle performance and burn body fat effectively.

Following a healthy diet is a key to your weight loss goal and healthy life. A healthy diet should contain all the nutrients from your food. So understanding what the nutrients are and how they help your health is very important. A deficiency in any of the nutrients will limit your chances of achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

If you have wondered how much calories to consume daily, how to maintain zero or negative calorie balance to successfully maintain or lose weight, you have come to the right place. In this book, you will find information about how to determine your daily caloric need, how to manage your daily calorie intake and how to lose weight. Understanding how your body uses the calories you consume and expend, can help you to come up with a proper diet plan for your weight loss goal.


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

I need to do a disclaimer. Because I am currently managing a chronic condition, I am on a strict high protein diet to control the symptoms, so I can’t review the dietary advice in this book.

Always consult your doctor before you undergo any dietary change.

The purpose of How to Stay Fit is to provide strategies of a healthy lifestyle and give a person a fitness program in the comfort of his or her home. Its philosophy is that a person doesn’t need to buy a gym membership or expensive machines to work out, something that many in today’s busy society could find helpful.

David and Jegadish put forth that it is important to exercise at home for people who live a sedentary lifestyle, people who have limited or no physical activity, as well as for seniors whose muscular strength degenerates with age. For those people or those busy parents who don’t have enough time during the day to go to a gym, exercising at home is a great alternative to say buying a gym membership.

As they talk about the reasons why it is beneficial to exercise at home, they also give some disadvantages. Not having access to accessories that you could find at a gym is one of them. Despite the subject matter, they are not advocating that going to the gym is not beneficial. However, it is the opposite. The program is for people who don’t have enough time going to that gym.

The authors say that exercise alone is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to How to Stay Fit, a diet should contain the following nutrients: carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water.

When I first started to change my dietary lifestyle, I could not find a place that lists the times of a meal plan. They all had: Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, and Dinner. I like how How to Stay Fit gives you times for a meal plan. Ex: 7 AM is when a person should have breakfast, followed by snacks at 10 AM.

I liked how the chapters were broke up in this book. There are sections for the program: dividing the program into phases, exercises, keeping motivated, as well as chapters on nutrients and minerals, learning about the bacteria in your stomach, etc.

Overall, I would recommend How to Stay Fit to those who do not have time to get to a gym to workout or those who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This novel proves to be an excellent guide.

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