Darkest Obsessions

Book Cover: Darkest Obsessions

All Sadie wanted was a normal life and when her ex-boyfriend, Matthew, was finally sent to jail she thought she could start that normal life in a little village on the Scottish Borders.

Tom, a small county veterinary had spent the last five years just surviving. A tragic accident had left him riddled with guilt. But when the beautiful Sadie Buchanan waltzed into her parents cafe, his meaning for life is questioned. Now he has to overcome his demons before he can start living again.

But Matthew has already hurt Sadie before, would he allow Sadie to have the happiness she always longed for.......

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Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

The novel opens with a pivotal scene, and we are given glimpses of why the female protagonist is like she is. Sadie reminds me of any woman who has been through her situation.

Coming from a “police officer” oriented family, I felt sympathetic to Sadie as I know the long US procedure that she would have to go through. However, I don’t know the justice system in Scotland to comment too much on that. I felt as if this part of the story was well researched. Sadie’s reactions were accurate in this situation, and despite what she went through, she seemed to be a feisty lady.

I often open my reviews by talking of the pacing of the first chapter. I believe this is important as it draws a reader such as myself into the story. If the pacing is well written, it hooks the reader. Chapter One of Darkest Obsession managed to do that, making me want to finish the novel.

I’ve often wanted to live in a village like Pelancy. There is something about small towns that always drew my attention, and Pelancy was no different. When I read the introductory chapters featuring Pelancy, I had hoped that Sadie would find peace here.

I loved how laid back Tom seemed. The Vet seemed to be a perfect fit for Sadie, and I wondered how he would react if he knew of Sadie’s recent past.

The antagonist was a real piece of work. As someone who coveted another person as their own, I think his actions were portrayed realistically.

Sadie’s character growth was essential to keeping my interest. Her inner strength grew as the novel continued on. She tapped into this power and showed that she moved on from the person at the beginning of the novel to a strong woman at the end.

I would recommend Darkest Obsession to anyone who enjoys a story of a woman overcoming her past. Getting the guy, in the end, is just a bonus.

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