Becka’s Awakening

Book Cover: Becka's Awakening
Part of the The Winstons Book series:
  • Becka's Awakening

Becka wanted the power and the money. What she got was losing her heart.

Becka is a witch and not a very good one. With her great-grandmother's curse hanging over her she has no idea how to escape her fate. When she suddenly spills her coffee on a stranger she finds out there's more to life than what she thought.
But is she ready for what that means?

Becka's Awakening is the first book in Rowena Dawn's The Winstons Series. If you like paranormal romance, then you'll love a series that features compelling characters.

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Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

Becka’s Awakening is a romance told in Third Person. Dawn created a wonderful pace throughout the entire novel. The chapters seemed to fly by, and it left me wanting to continue to read more.

Becka’s Awakening was written well, and it had me flipping through the pages. All the dialog from every character flowed well.

The first chapter opens up, and we meet a slew of characters. We are also introduced to Becka this chapter. Judging by an argument in the opening chapter, she seems to be a supportive person, if not slightly fiery. From her first introduction, I looked forward to seeing her and the main love interest’s interaction and how they will meet.

However, as wonderful as an introduction to Becka as it was, there may have been too many characters introduced in Chapter 1. I found myself thinking, “oh, there’s a different character,” after a certain point and I hoped that I would be able to keep them straight in later chapters.

As the book went on, Dawn handled the relationship between the love interest(the stranger) and Becka well. With the exception of one thing, this was a couple that anyone could root for: the type of guy who the stranger was and the type of woman that Becka was. This was a down-to-earth tale in that regard where some women could relate to her.

I tended to dislike Becka’s character in the middle of the book, and being around the love interest’s age now, I look back at myself at Becka’s age and found that I was annoying like that as well. Because of how the stranger acts, these characters are believable.

I would recommend Becka’s Awakening to anyone who enjoys a quick, well-written romance with highly believable characters.

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