Arrival at Portal Island

Book Cover: Arrival at Portal Island

Not knowing what he's getting dragged into, Michael arrives at a mysterious island to help out his colleagues. He soon finds ancient standing stones that all the locals are afraid of -- and with good reason: two settlements have already vanished from the island without a trace in the past few hundred years. Can the team of archeologists figure out what is going on? Or will they just make things worse?

Follow the adventures of a team of archeologists in this exciting graphic novel series! More than a 1000 illustrated pages already published, and even more in the works.

Start the adventure on a remote island. Several settlements have disappeared from here without a trace in the last few centuries. Can you help uncover the ancient mysteries that the island has for our heroes? What are those secretive standing stones that are found throughout the island? Could they really be part of a portal that took entire settlements to another world? Where will our heroes end up if they manage to get it to work?


Reviews:LL Reviews wrote:

Arrival at Portal Island is a graphic novel that is made with a 3d rendering software such as Daz Studio or Poser, software that I am very familiar with as a visual artist. The story is told visually through speech bubbles and visual scenes. The protagonist is Michael.

While I think the use of a 3D software is a genius move when it comes to creating comics–and one that we will likely see more of–I would have liked it if Benő used more of the lighting features in the program and the post editing software he used. It is critical to get the lighting for scenes right as it does convey to the reader the atmosphere that the author wishes. I found the shadows to be slightly off on some of the models and scenes as well.

I found the scenes and the layout of the graphic novel’s panels to be enjoyable. Each panel fits together perfectly, but with only one panel per page, I only see Arrival at Portal Island to be viewed on a reader or a tablet. I don’t consider this to be a con as readers such as Amazon Kindle have become more popular.

I found Michael to be a likable fellow, and Kori, as well. I liked finding out some of the mystery at the same time as Michael, seeing his reactions rather than visualizing them as I would have with a traditional novel.

I like the premise of the story. It sort of reminded me of an Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, or Nathan Drake tale–a story of a civilization discovery with bits of supernatural thrown in–and it was fairly easy to follow.

As I continued to read on, the dialog flowed nicely. None was over the top, as I find in many graphic novels.

I would recommend Arrival at Portal Island to anyone who loves adventure graphic novels. I look forward to more in the Civilization Hunt series.

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