5 Essential Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Hashtags are more important than ever. If an author wants publicity for his or her posts, they will use them.

Hashtags have changed with social media.
Since they were introduced by Twitter, they are now used by Facebook and Instagram.

Hashtags have changed with social media. Since they were introduced by Twitter, they introduced by Facebook and Instagram. They are mainstream. Several brands such as Wendy’s use them as well.

What are hashtags?

If you are unfamiliar with hashtags, they are simple words and phrases used in Facebook and Twitter with the # symbol before them. To use it, make sure you include no space after the # and words.

It is a link that when clicked upon will reveal a timeline of tweets containing that hashtag.

5 hashtags for writers.

There are many hashtags that can help promote your books, connect you with fellow writers, and write. One of the most common ones I use is #121words.

  1. #amwriting

Unless the writer is collaborating with another author, it is usually a solitary experience. Use #amwriting to connect to other writers. Use it to tell what you are working on and share your experience.

A variation of #amwriting that I use is #amediting. This lets other authors know what stage I am in regarding a manuscript.

2. #writerslife

#writerslife is used to provide insight into your life as an author. It could be about your writing process—or a wry comment on what it’s like to be a writer.

3. #WriterWednesday

#WriterWednesday is used as a way to give a shout-out to writers, suggest an author to follow, or to share writing tips. It covers pretty much anything else to do with writers and writing.

4. #writetip

Many use #WriterWednesday to share tips. If you want to share a specific tip, use #writetip or #writingtip instead.

5. #fridayreads

Another hashtag that authors use is #fridayreads. This is a way of having others check out an author that you admire, and a picture of the book and a short review is often used.

People can use #amreading any day of the week, but #friedayreads is more often used for their book recommendations.

Ideally, include the Twitter @username of the author and official hashtag for the book if either exist, and a buying link to the book.

What other hashtags have you came across? Share them in the comments below.

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Larue Lydia
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