Lydia Larue


Born in a West Virginian hospital on the dreaded 13th, Lydia Larue is an avid animal advocate, lover of all things literary, nonimitative novelist, sassy stay-at-home mom, and slave to one Felis catus. She also loves to play video games with her husband and spend time with her family.

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Why It’s Rude to Ask an Author About Their Sales.

How many books sales does it take to be a published author? I remember a few months ago someone asked me on deviantART how many novels I sold, and the question startled me. This was not a family member nor were they a friend. It took me aback because it was a complete stranger, someone I only knew a week. Instantly, I panicked. Am I selling enough novels? Does how many I sell prove my legitimacy as an author?

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What some people don’t understand is that this is akin to going up to anyone and asking their salary. In the US, it is a cultural norm to not talk about how much money we have.

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